Write : 15-05-26 17:11
Offshore Drilling & Rigs China 2015, June 23-24
 Writer : ASIASIS
 Sponsor : IBC Asia Limited
 Period : June 23-24, 2015
 Place : Shanghai, China
Offshore Drilling & Rigs China 2015.jpg

IBC’s Offshore Drilling & Rigs China 2015 is China’s FIRST leading offshore drilling and rigs specific conference!

This forum will be an excellent learning and business platform to gain insight on China’s offshore rig building projects, challenges, opportunities, technical innovations and best practices on sustaining their offshore drilling & rig business.  This a must-attend event attracting the local and international shipyards, drilling contractors, oil & gas, equipment & technology providers, financiers, legal and industry experts.

Topical Themes Covered:

*Offshore drilling & rig market trends & future development plans
MODU newbuilds and standards
Securing offshore rig charter and structuring
rig contracts
Offshore rig financing
Offshore rig stacking, commissioning and project management
Advanced offshore rig design, engineering and technology
Deepwater drilling safety, efficiency BOP drilling riser system
Collaboration with project stakeholders towards ensuring the long-term continuity of China’s offshore drilling business