Write : 15-05-11 17:58
Safe Forum/FABIG seminar, May 13
 Writer : ASIASIS
 Sponsor : UIT
 Period : May 13, 2015
 Place : Pusan National University
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A meeting for sharing advanced technology among international experts related to fire safety of offshore plant and onshore petrochemical plant will be held in Korea.

'Safe Forum's general meeting of 2015/ FABIG (Fire and Blast Information Group) technical meeting' will kick off at Pusan National University (PNU), Korea, on May 13. 

The meeting organized by Safe Forum of Korea along with the Korea Ship and Offshore Research Institute (KOSORI) of PNU and sponsored by UIT consists of two parts ▲ Section one: Safe Forum's general meeting of 2015 and the third seminar ▲ Section two: The fifth FABIG technical meeting.

Starting with greeting of Paik Jeom-Kee, Professor of Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering in PNU (and Head of Safe Forum), an official from Busan Metropolitan City Hall will give explanation on ‘Trend of the government's preventive policy on disaster’ while So Soo-Hyun, Professor of Department of Fire Safety in Kyungil University, will make a presentation about ‘Trend and prospect of national research project related to fire explosion the Ministry of Public Safety and Security conducts' during section one.  

Presentations will be also followed on ‘Review of Validations and Verifications for the Application of FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) in the Nuclear Industry’ and ‘Analysis of Relationship between Blast Wave and Structural Response’ during section two. 

Meanwhile, FABIG is a not-for-profit, membership based organization created in the UK in 1992 in the wake of the Piper Alpha disaster to continue the sharing and dissemination of expert knowledge on fires and explosions arising from the major research projects carried out in the early 1990s.

FABIG has become an internationally recognized body for the development and dissemination of guidance for hydrocarbon fires and explosions for offshore platforms and onshore petrochemical plants. The mission of FABIG is to disseminate knowledge and best practice and to develop guidance on the prevention and mitigation of fires and explosions and on the protection of facilities and personnel against fires and explosions. FABIG Membership comprises 85 member organizations worldwide derived from the oil and gas industry and including oil and gas companies, consultants, contractors, regulators, verifiers, manufacturers and university researchers. All the super majors are members of FABIG.