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FPSO & FLNG Topsides Design, Layout & Processing, May 6-8
 Writer : ASIASIS
 Sponsor : Equip Global Pte Ltd
 Period : May 6-8, 2015
 Place : Busan Metropolitan City, Korea

FPSO & FLNG Topsides Design, Layout & Processing - Korea May 2015

It is important for you to optimize FPSO and FLNG topside design, layout and processing. Adhering to best practices in areas such as process optimization, piping, electrical and structural designs will help to deliver safe and operable FPSO and FLNG topsides that minimize capital and operating expenditures. FPSO and FLNG topside projects developed by using best practices benefit from the application of systematic detail design based on experience and proven results. This leads to improved quality and greater consistency. Plus, with the use of efficient engineering and design that minimizes equipment, and simplifies fabrication, installation and commissioning, costs and time spent will be reduced.

This 3 day training course has been specially designed to help you walk through every stage of the FPSO & FLNG topside design and layout process from concept to operation. It will pin-point key design issues and considerations taking into account aspects such as the operating environment, hull size, weight control, layout planning, process optimisation and impact of vessel motions

By attending this training course, you will gain the following

*Learn how you can optimize the process before beginning detail design
*Conceptual Engineering & FEED best practices
*Find out how you can effectively optimize your process in order to maximize oil recovery and operate at higher pressures to minimize compression
*Hear best practices when defining location of living quarters, safe access/egress, flare, hazardous and non-hazardous process systems, ship loading and unloading activities, as well as supply vessel and helicopter
*Learn how you can determine the layout of you FPSO and FLNG topside for maximum performance
*Understand how you can effectively deal with structural issues
*Best practice fabrication and modular construction practices for FPSO and FLNG topsides
*Top tips in piping design, engineering and pipe stress support & analysis
*Design of FPSO and FLNG electrical systems
*Risk management strategies - assessing and mitigating risks associated with FPSO topside design and layout
*Learn proven design criteria for FPSO and FLNG control and instrumentation

Key Topics Covered

*Getting your topside right - ensuring it is installed and operated correctly
*How can you ensure the correct balance between flow, pressure and temperature
*Understanding input data and identifying design cases
*FPSO topsides engineering - From concept to FEED and design
*Process system evaluation and analysis
*Review of the different process equipment types including separation equipment, gas treatment systems and auxiliary equipment
*Structural design and analysis of FPSO and FLNG topside module supports
*Advanced methods to determine the interaction between topside installations and the hull structure of FPSO and FLNG units
*Key considerations affecting topside design such as clearance requirements under the modules for piping and inspection, frame spacing, longitudinal spacing of FPSO and FLNG hull structure and explosion scenarios
*Standardization of FPSO and FLNG topsides facility configuration - best practice approaches
*Examples of processing specifications of reservoir fluids for export or disposal
*Commissioning topside equipment - examining key stages

Who Should Attend

Recommended for anyone involved in FPSO and FLNG topside design, Construction and operations from:

*Oil & Gas companies
*FPSO Operators
*Topsides Engineering & Design Companies
*EPC Contractors
*FPSO Shipyards,
*FPSO Fabricators
*Process equipment and control suppliers