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Drillships 2014, Nov 11-13
 Writer : ASIASIS
 Sponsor : IBC Asia Limited
 Period : Nov 11-13, 2014
 Place : Singapore
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Drillships - The HOTTEST Deepwater Rig Investment Sector!

IBC Asia's 3rd Annual Drillships 2014 conference is the world's ONLY leading event, dedicated to the drillships sector!

This event will provide the latest update on the global drillship market outlook and investment trends. Also it will examine current drillship design and engineering models, modern drillship construction methodology and investment into logistic support systems. 

This forum will showcase high specification newbuild drillship projects with a special focus on leading-edge drillship equipment and technology integrated into the drillship architecture. This includes the DP systems & thrusters, BOP & riser systems, dual gradient drilling technology, managed pressure drilling (MPD) & well systems. 

In addition, this forum will address class requirements of newbuild drillships, development of drillship crew competency and the challenge of on-time delivery, budget and start-up challenge of drillship projects. 

Drillships 2014 is a must-attend event for existing stakeholders shaping the drillship sector and for new investors capitalising on growing drillship investments!  

10 Key Topics Covered in 2014:

●Global Drillship Market Outlook & Investment Trends 

Latest Drillship Design & Engineering Models

Modern Drillship Construction Methodology & Logisic Systems

Collaboration with Drillship Stakeholders in Solving Delivery, Budget and Start-up Challenges

Newbuild Drillship Design & Build Classification Standards

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems & Thrusters

Blow Out Preventer (BOP) & Riser Systems 

Dual Gradient Drilling Technology 

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) & Well Intervention Systems

Drillship Human Resources: Training & Development