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[Exclusive Interview] Paik Jeom-Kee (1)
"It's time to implement development strategies for offshore plant industry" Korean shipbuilding giants have recently made huge losses in offshore plant business, which became a backdrop for some companies concerning their liqu...
2015-08-24 11:43:00
[Exclusive Interview] A. Yagodin, RS Korea Country Manager
The role of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is getting critical as offshore facilities and vessels are increasingly operating for oil and gas development in Russian arctic region. Asiasis will follow the progress of business performanc...
2015-08-11 07:09:32
REMITITE, Stalwart in Advanced Polymeric Products
Remitite of Korea has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. The Korean company has been known as a small hidden champion which has developed high value-added products, acquiring over 40 authentications from EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED...
2015-05-22 11:19:33
[Exclusive Interview] KOSHIPA Vice-Chairman Seo
“The key is innovative and high value·eco ship.”   Asiasis will follow the progress of recent business performance of Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association (KOSHIPA) which strives for Korea to firmly hold its global position a...
2015-01-27 11:31:45
[Exclusive Interview] BMEA Chairman Lee
“Pioneering new market…nonprice competitiveness is vital”   Asiasis will follow the progress of 2014 business performance of Busan Marine Equipment Association (BMEA) which leads the development of Korean marine equipment industry an...
2015-01-19 07:21:45
[Exclusive Interview] KOMEA Chairman Park
'Globalization' is the key surviving strategy   Asiasis will follow the progress of business performance of Korea Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA), which plays a critical role for Korean marine equipment industry to grow as the growth ...
2015-01-12 08:01:11
[Exclusive Interview] MOTIE Director General Moon
“Policies will be consistently promoted”   With the new year of sheep, Asiasis planned feature interview articles of the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association (KOSHIPA), Korea M...
2015-01-05 07:10:07
[Interview with GE Offshore & Marine]
GE cooperates with Koreans American multinational conglomerate corporation General Electric (GE) decided to establish the global shipbuilding & offshore headquarters in Korea last April 2013. It will mark GE's second foreign HQ, following ...
2014-11-07 07:29:42
Welding Solution Leader, ESAB SeAH
ESAB SeAH Corp. (ESC) aiming to be the world’s best was established as a joint venture between SeAH Holdings Corp. and ESAB Corp. in 1985. Since then, it has played a leading role in the development of Korean construction, heavy industry as wel...
2014-05-23 13:43:53
[Exclusive Interview] KOSHIPA Vice-Chairman
“Lead Global Market with New Concept Vessel” “Government·Financial Cooperation, Vital” "Establish Status as Global Leader" Asiasis will follow the progress of recent business performance of Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Associat...
2014-02-27 09:25:45
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