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China now has self-developed pipeline-checking vessel [Xinhua July 20, 2018]
A Whiff of Rotten Eggs May Augur an Oil Shock [Bloomberg July 18, 2018]
Digital shipyard to lead sovereign shipbuilding capability [Defence Connect July 17, 2018]
MHI Vestas to Use Taiwan as Export Hub for Asia Offshore Wind [Bloomberg July 02, 2018]
Natural gas execs see 'century of supply' in U.S. shale [Reuters June 28, 2018]
Japan mulls suing S. Korea at WTO over assistance to shipbuilders [The Mainichi June 25, 2018]
EchoStar Weighs Raising Inmarsat Bid After Rejection [Bloomberg June 19, 2018]
Commodities trader Cargill aims to cut shipping emissions 15 pct by 2020 [Reuters June 19, 2018]
Next Offshore Wind in U.S. Can Compete With Gas, Developer Says [Bloomberg June 9, 2018]
Trump Industrial Policy Likely To Target U.S. Commercial Shipbuilding & Merchant Fleet For Revival [Forbes June 5, 2018]
Macquarie Fund Bets on Revival of Shipbuilders in South Korea [Bloomberg June 4, 2018]
Researcher Who Saw Stressed 2020 Oil Market Is More Worried Now [Bloomberg June 1, 2018]
Fairfax to Add $500 Million to Seaspan Containership Investment [Bloomberg May 31, 2018]
Where Do Old Cruise Ships Go to Die? [Bloomberg May 31, 2018]
‘Dawn' of Asia Offshore Wind Boom Lures Japanese Trading Houses [Bloomberg May 29, 2018]
Offshore Wind, Long Delayed in U.S., Gets a Lift in New England [Bloomberg May 24, 2018]
Massachusetts, Rhode Island award major offshore wind contracts [Reuters May 24, 2018]
Russia's first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in Arctic [Reuters May 21, 2018]
A Trump Darling, Gas Exports, Set to Gain as Iran Deal Dies [Bloomberg May 11, 2018]
In Gujarat’s Alang, more oil rigs are arriving at ship graveyard than ever; here’s why [Financial Express May 08, 2018]
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