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Offshore oil hunkers down [BBC News September 9, 2015]
Cost of Russia's Zvezda shipbuilding project totals around $2.16 bln [Tass September 4, 2015]
Vantage Bonds Plunge as Petrobras Cancels Deal Amid Bribe Probe [Bloomberg Sep 3, 2015]
Local shipbuilders to get back subsidy they lost eight years ago [Live Mint Sep 02, 2015]
Obama to call for more icebreakers to operate in the Arctic [The New York Times Sep 01, 2015]
Obama defends Arctic drilling decision on eve of Alaska climate change trip [The Guardian Aug 29, 2015]
US approves offshore Shell oil drilling in Arctic waters [Bulletin Leader Aug 26, 2015]
Russian shipyard to build Finnish dredger designs [Mercator Media Aug 26, 2015]
Centre to offer subsidy to shipbuilders [The Hindu Business Line August 24, 2015]
For South Korean Shipbuilders, the Risks Grow [Wall Street Journal August 24, 2015]
GE Cuts Jobs, Closes Foundry at Lufkin Unit [Wall Street Journal August 24, 2015]
[Obituary] Edward Horton 1927-2015 [ August 23, 2015]
Former Petrobras exec sentenced for Samsung drillship bribe [Reuters Aug 17, 2015]
U.S. Issues Arctic Drilling Permit to Royal Dutch Shell [Wall Street Journal August 17, 2015]
Shell Seeks Modified Permit For Arctic Offshore Drilling [Manufactiring.Net Aug 12, 2015]
BAE Systems axes more than 100 jobs at Williamstown naval shipyard [ABC Aug 13, 2015]
Russia to build more than 1,200 seacraft until 2030 [Tass August 6, 2015]
U.S. adds Russian oil field to sanctions list [Reuters Aug 7, 2015]
Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles [The Telegraph Aug 5, 2015]
Shell Cuts 6,500 Jobs and Slashes Spending on Prolonged Downturn [Bloomberg July 30, 2015]
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