Write : 14-06-03 14:40
LNG Plant Conference 2014, June 19
 Writer : ASIASIS
 Sponsor : LNG Plant R&D Center
 Period : June 19, 2014
 Place : COEX, Seoul, Korea

‘LNG Plant Conference 2014’ is to be held on June 19 at COEX, Seoul, Korea, aimed at an advance into global LNG plant market.

Conducted by LNG Plant R&D Center and hosted by Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, the conference is supportedby the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea Gas Corporation, Hyundai Heavy Industries and so on. It will be divided into two sessions to present major achievements of technology development.

The event marks the second year following last year when 2008-launched LNG Plant R&D Center held the first conference. The conference is arranged in order to get with the public and let them know about natural gas-related industry as well as presenting its research achievements. In addition, it is expected to contribute to improvement of industrial competitiveness through exchanges of latest information and technology issues.

The LNG Plant R&D Center is working on a national level R&D business to develop essential EPC technologies, with which Korea can advance into overseas LNG plant market through developing in-house technologies of LNG liquefaction procedure and commercial liquefaction plant design as well as acquiring offshore plant engineering technologies.

At this conference, there will be presentations of ▲urrent status and the future of land and infrastructure, ▲lobal plant market condition and outlook, following a keynote presentation on ‘global energy industry and natural gas’.

At the second phase, under a subject of ‘Advance into LNG plant market and leap’, there will be various presentations and discussions, such as ▲lobal LNG project and LNG supply and demand status, ▲ore technologies needed for advance into LNG plant market, ▲trategies for overseas advance and current technology issues for LNG liquefaction plant, ▲NG project development and decision making, ▲ront design of LNG-FPSO and technical tasks, ▲relude FLNG project, ▲etronas FLNG project and so on.